Being in the bike business we have witnessed the growth in demand for small easy to use and lightweight foldable electric bikes.

After numerous conversations with customers and bike riders that use bikes to commute in urban environments, we realized the need for a bike that is more than just a bike… this bike is your urban companion. It comes in a bag, so you dont leave it any where. In the office… on the train… or in the boot of your car. It folds in one second, and you don’t need to carry it, it even rolls when folded.

This revolutionery E-bike is the bikefrend we have all dreamed to own. So we established a new brand!! and philosophy!! called KWIKI Bike, it was built to provide “Kwik” (our slang of Quick..) solutions to the global growing demand of light, high performance safe riding, reliable, affordable “quick folding” riding solutions. We wanted to serve global riders with the best city E-Bike they dream of, very easy to carry, store in car, in your office, including a flexible suitcase bag. The result is the patented frame the Delta-X.

1 sec folding – Just pull the brake lever & bike folds in. 1 sec opening – Just pul the brake lever, & push open. Chosen as a 5 star bike – by city bike store owners. Small in size big in performance. Our Background: We have 2 bike companies, O-fun: bike stores & rental, & Fashion-bikes: manufacturing & distributing bikes & accessories. We sell thousands of bikes every year, we enjoy a lot of knowledge regarding our consumer needs. Happy working together on this project for 3 years, we are now serving with love all the customers that waited for our first bike shipment.